Saturday, October 1, 2011

Peter's Piano- Bragging time! by k Madison Moore

 Peter's Piano

Homage to Peter Max

Art within Art Series

 Peter's Piano - Homage to Peter Max was a really popular
painting this year. I repainted similar...but not the same
paintings several times. I like to make each on it's own
original so I make small changes. Since Peter is still
a living artist I really change a lot of the elements
from his work to what I would have done to make
them my originals out of respect for him.
Thank you Peter Max!

My Collector Tom's friend Dawne, ordered this
painting from me several months ago for Tom's
birthday. Last year Tom purchased a Matisse
Art within Art painting from me and just loved it.
(On the back wall)
When Dawne ordered Peter's Piano she did no know 
that Tom mentioned to me that this was going to be
the next one he purchased from me so it was
a shocking surprise to him when he received
it for his birthday.

I have to say I am very blessed that I receive many
beautiful, kind emails about my work but this one
really touched my heart and no-one has ever said
these things to me. I just wanted to share this with you
and had to brag a bit!
Thanks so much Tom and Dawne.
I am thrilled about this.

Hi Madison,

I want to tell you how surprised, and THRILLED, I was to receive the Max’s Piano painting from the always attentive, and inspiring, love of my life, Dawne.  I had no idea what was coming, of course, and as I opened the present, I opened it from the rear, so I quickly discovered it was some sort of painting, but when I finally saw WHICH painting I was SO happy, SO very pleased!  It’s perfect, and certainly my favorite painting of the few that I own, and probably one of the best of all I’ve ever seen.  It’s just wonderful!

 Sometimes I go the daily painters gallery, select your name from the list of artists, and am just overwhelmed, every time, by the colorful and eclectic body of work that assembles on the page.  It is truly amazing, and a museum of just your work would be a really amazing thing, on par with any assembly of art anywhere, including the artists that you so whimsically, and so complimentariy,
parody (if that’s the right word!).

And I really mean what I say!   Sometime, just take a look at your own body of work.  Prolific, imaginative, creative, researched, a compliment to the BROAD array of artists that you pay homage, and just plain FUN!  Your work is so far above everything else around.

And now I am privileged to own TWO K Madison Moore works!
Thanks for the painting, it is cherished.

P.S.  There is a WONDERFUL Joni Mitchell song performed by K. D. Lang.  It’s Joni’s song “Help Me”.  The song reminds me of you painting when I listen to it, though I’m not entirely sure why.  Perhaps they are of the same pop era and culture.  But the line “You danced with a lady with a hole in her stockings, didn’t it feel good?” is as whimsical and descriptive as your paintings.

Your fan,

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