Thursday, January 27, 2011

Feeling Color, "Abstract Nude Painting,"by k Madison Moore Pennsylvania Artist

Feeling Color

16 x 20 inches Abstract Oil Painting on Canvas

Abstractionism Series


Every once in awhile I have to get away from doing detailed 
work and let loose with the paint on an abstract. That said,
the best thing about doing this kind of work is getting paint all
over me and my bare feet. I call this playing in the paint!

Only an artist can imagine what it must feel like to
be totally naked and having paint poured on your body,
therefore the idea was born for this painting, "Feeling Color."

Does each color have it's own feeling?
I don't know......yet!  LOL!
I may have to try this someday!

This abstract is full of thick impasto paint 
to created great textures and dimension and
enhanced with a bit of metallic pale gold.


padmaja said...

Absolutely gorgeous! The eye wanders from one corner to another, trying to connect what you see with the title.. lovely concept wonderfully executed!

k Madison Moore said...

Thanks so much Padmaja,

Thanks for stopping by.
I miss you on AIG. Hope you come back some day.
M :)

Robert R. Cobb said...

Reminds me of DuChamps' "Nude Descending Staircase."

Robert R. Cobb

k Madison Moore said...

Really, that's very interesting. Thank you Robert.
M :)

Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC! I love your modern art. Wonderful. RK

k Madison Moore said...

I know the abstract's are your thing! Thanks so much RK!
M :)

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