Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Color Seduction, "Abstract Nude Painting," by k Madison Moore

Color Seduction

18 x 28 inches Oil Painting on Canvas

Abstract Nudes Series

I will let the title speak for itself!


Anonymous said...

"WOW!" Very unusual. Love the colors. Very unique. RK

k Madison Moore said...

Yes, something different and futuristic!
Thanks Rose.

k Madison Moore said...

Thanks for the comment Rosie!

Jesse Brown said...

hi Madison,

this is very interesting. I like the colors, but you know what came to mind when I saw the pose...and I may eventually make this a commission request...I totally thought I saw a gun slinger from the old west when I first saw the thumbnail of this image...I think I would just like it that much more if it was a gun slinger from one of those old westerns...but great work. I will eventually talk about commissions when we get our house. I am going to take a stroll through your portfolio...talk to you more soon.

k Madison Moore said...

Yes, we can do that Jessie! I can see how you saw that. Just let me know and we will work on it together,

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