Friday, June 9, 2017

Irises for van Gogh Chair Painting by k Madison Moore

Irises for van Gogh
Inspired by Vincent van Gogh

8 x 8 van Gogh Oil Painting on Canvas

The a Seat Series

Fanciful and amusing oil paintings of
Chairs and Miniature Paintings
with a sense of humor.

In May 1889, after episodes of self-mutilation and hospitalization,
Vincent van Gogh chose to enter an asylum in Saint-Rémy, France. 
There, in the last year before his death, he created almost 130 paintings.
Within the first week, he began Irises, working from nature in the asylum's garden.

Each one of Van Gogh's irises is unique. He carefully studied their 
movements and shapes to create a variety of curved silhouettes bounded by
wavy, twisting, and curling lines.

"How well he has understood the exquisite nature of flowers!”

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