Monday, July 27, 2015

Reflections After Six, Landscape Oil Painting by k Madison Moore

Reflections After Six

Landscapes in Oils Series

20” x 30” Landscape Oil Painting on Canvas

Sold Commission

Well, this is something I haven’t done for many years.  Didn’t even think
about painting landscapes until my collector requested me to do two for him
and now that he saw these he has commissioned me for another.

My collectors have created their own little series around a painting I did titled After Six.
When they received it, even though a small piece, they fell in love with everything
in the painting, her face, her hair, her eyes and especially the hot pink skirt.

Since their purchase of “After Six” I have now painted several and cross 
referencing her in some way in each painting. In my last painting she was 
subtly in the background as the pianist.  

In this painting she is trying the retrieve her hat from the lake.
I loved painting the reflections of the trees and bridge  and especially
the water lilies. Another nice piece to add to the After Six Series
along with Forever in Love that I posted yesterday. ( photo below)
More to come!


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Forever in Love

After Six ( Original)

Melodies of After Six ( Pianist in background, small)


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