Tuesday, March 6, 2012

van Gogh's Study by k Madison Moore, van Gogh Inspired Painting

van Goghs Studio

11 x 14 Oil Painting on Canvas


Painting with The Masters
Art within Art Series

I never get enough of this fascinating artist!
His life was so tortured and he was so talented.
He did so many paintings of sunflowers but each on was so 
different. Sunflowers must have made him happy.
I can visualize him standing in a filed of hundreds of them.

I have already painted his bedroom and a living room
for him from my imagination. I was wondering if he had a
study today would it maybe look something like this one? 

The wall is my take from a few of his sunflowers.
The vase of sunflowers is from another one of his pieces
as well as the pile of books on the floor. He loved to read.
...and of course his self portrait on the mantel.


There are pieces of artwork drifting through galleries around the world that have become nearly synonymous with the artists name and techniques. The various paintings of Sunflowers and Vincent van Gogh are a perfect example of this. Not only can one make a mental connection between the artists name and painting but also between the artist and their influence on the development of art through these paintings. Vincent van Gogh's Sunflower paintings have been duplicated many times by various artists (although never reaching the vivacity and intensity of Van Gogh's) and displayed everywhere; from households to art expos.

From one piece to another. The colors are vibrant and express emotions typically associated with the life of sunflowers: bright yellows of the full bloom to arid browns of wilting and death; all of the stages woven through these polar opposites are presented. Perhaps this very technique is what draws one into the painting; the fulfillment of seeing all angles of the spectrum of life and in turn reaching a deeper understanding of how all living things are tied together.


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